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HVAC Systems

Having a comfortable place at home or work is essential if you want to get anything accomplished.  The heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems all play a role in providing a pleasant environment.  The HVAC system has a number of functions and contrary to what many people may think, it does not only work as a temperature regulator. Aside from keeping the temperature at a comfortable level, HVACs also work to help improve air quality. They also regulate the humidity and airflow. On this page, we will look at the different functions of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.


HVACs, such as the Amana system, are used to control temperatures during extreme weather conditions. For instance, when it is extremely cold outside the system warms up the air inside with the use of a furnace.

Air Conditioning

Just as HVACs regulate extremely cold temperatures, they also control the warm temperatures as well.  When the weather is too warm, the air conditioning unit will cool down the air while at the same time blocking impurities so there is little or no dust and dirt flowing in the air.  Another unit that accomplishes this would be the efficient and smooth running Heil system.


Part of the process is to ensure proper ventilation.  The HVAC systems, like Amana, Heil and Carrier with its variety of systems (Hybrid Split system, Ductless system or Geothermal system) does this by purifying or cleansing the air that circulates within the room. Carbon dioxide is eliminated and is replaced with oxygen so that people are breathing in clean, healthy air by using any of these fine HVAC systems. One of the older and more recognized HVAC systems on the market would be Lennox.  Lennox, like the other units mentioned, has a complete range of products to address individual needs as well as the complete HVAC system.

Energy Costs

Having a HVAC system is more energy efficient than having a separate unit for each of the primary functions.  However, in order to maintain this level of efficiency, you have to do your part by having it regularly serviced by professional heating, ventilation and air conditioning contractors.  A substantial reduction in electricity costs can also result from an optimally running HVAC system.  This can be accomplished by reducing the load on the system and assessing your current system to analyze what, if any, changes can be made to optimize it so it will run more effectively.  You will also want to make sure you install efficient control systems such as digital thermometers.  Last, but certainly not least important, is to have at least an annual inspection.  Make sure you have any overhaul or inspections done by a reputable company.  Inspections should include at a minimum replacing filters and cleaning the coils.

This is what we at Sunshine HVAC-R LLC can bring to the table. Not only can we replace and install any of these units, but we will help you maintain them and keep your unit in excellent condition so you will have the worry free comfort you deserve for years to come.