Sunshine Commercial Service Plan

We’ve had such great success taking care of our customers with our residential plan, we have decided to provide our commercial clients with the same opportunity.  Our solution not only saves them money but is geared towards increasing the longevity of their HVAC units.  We want to ensure that you enjoy the maximum potential and longest life of your HVAC system and to best do that we have created the Sunshine Service Plan.

Why should you love your HVAC service contract? The main reasons are the benefits of having an A/C service contract, which helps you save money, enhances comfort, and affords benefits to the environment while providing you with better Indoor air quality.You do not need to take apart your A/C and clean it. Cost Savings The most important thing is you save money by having an Air Conditioner service contract. Routine upkeep extends the life of the air conditioner, helping you get more life out of it prior to needing it replaced.  Regular maintenance allows the unit to run at peak efficiency, lowering the amount of electricity required to keep your home or office cool.

All payments on service agreements are none refundable.

The Sunshine Service Plan includes everything below:

» Clean and adjust pilot
» Test pilot for safety
» Gas valve
» Thermocouple
» Pressure regulator
» Operating controls
» Burning air shutter
» Burner pilots
» Fan and limit control
» Vent pipe
» Gas pressure
» Check heat exchanger for cracks
» Lubricate motor and moving parts
» Adjust belts

» Check suction pressure
» Check head pressure
» Clean condenser coil
» Check Freon charge levels
» Pressure regulator
» Check operating controls
» Burning air shutter
» Check safety controls
» Lubricate motor and moving parts
» Adjust belts
» Inspect blower motor
» Inspect drain lines
» Inspect evaporator coils

Commercial Maintenance Agreement – Select the number of units in which we will be servicing.

Sunshine Commercial Plan

For heat pumps and electric heat, we provide a complete tune-up.

Equipment Coverage:
Heating and cooling system $125.00, Humidifier $20.00, Electronic air cleaner $30.00, P-Tac unit $75.00, Condensate pump $7.00.Credit card type: Visa, MasterCard,
*Additional 10% discount on all parts and labor charges


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